Top Rated POS Systems with 5-Year Overnight Replacement Warranties

March 7th, 2014 mhoerr

Running a rewarding business requires serving customers with care and keeping accurate financial records. As much as you might trust your staff members, there is no way to take note of actual sales and inventory without a Top Rated POS System. Improvements and popularity have brought down costs within the Point of Sale Industry in recent years, making it possible for more companies to take advantage of the increased efficiency a computer system based Software can provide.

With a Point of Sale System from Brilliant POS, promotions are streamlined with durable software attributes that can generate and print vouchers, coupons, and discounts right from the Station or Back Office Computer! Inventory monitoring functions make it possible to track stock, enabling you to buy the correct materials without running low on your shelves.

Common Features:

• Minimize Employee Theft with Employee Security Levels
• Track Employee Time and Participation (Time-Cards)
• Streamlined Inventory Tracking
• Automatic Purchase Orders
• Stock Order Simplification.
• Rapidly Process Credit/Debit/EBT/WIC Cards, etc.
• Advanced Reporting Functionality

Brilliant POS has a variety of Point of Sale Systems for you to pick from, customized for your specific business type. With our Solution, you’ll get a cost-efficient system with all the latest technology. With the right Product you’ll have the ability to do everything you require, whether it’s running credit cards, directing your distributions, taking orders online, purchasing supplies, and more.

At Brilliant you’ll discover a POS System that has the bundled technology you require with the very best prices and after-purchase-support found anywhere. Our Software has all the functionality you need, without forcing you to pay additional for attributes you’ll never ever make use of.

In addition to our standard deals we are offering two amazing specials that will save you time and money. The first is our Free Inventory Import. We will upload your Inventory Vendor Files (Excel) into your Software before you even get your order. Saving you the time of adding each product individually. The second one is a Free upgrade to our 5 Year Overnight Replacement Warranty. Meaning for 5 Years if your unit breaks we will ship out a replacement Next Day Air at no change and have you send the used unit back to us. Virtually eliminating your downtime.

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