Thirsty Quaker

September 21st, 2014 mhoerr

I’m a homebrew and beer lover, and I recently opened a store selling home beer and wine-making supplies, as well as craft beer, wine, and liquor – pairing up two things that go together naturally. I chose Brilliant POS after testing it out against a few other options, and I’m glad I did, because it has a ton of features that has made my life much easier, and is helping me figure out how to grow my business efficiently.

Some of my favorite features:
Timetracking for employees. It seems obvious, but it makes timetracking easy peasy.

Inventory tracking & case breaks. We have thousands of items in the store, so having a POS that counts inventory accurately saves us a ton of time. And we buy beer ingredients in bulk, so having a POS that can track an ounce, a pound, or a full sack of ingredients all at once is great!

Reporting, by far is the best feature. It’s great to quickly run a report that tells me what hour of the day is busiest, or what my labor cost percentage is, or what my top-selling items are. It helps me plan and react, which is helping my minimize my costs and increase my sales. My favorite report is the reorder report, which tells me what I need to reorder, how much of it, and from what vendor. This one report alone has saved countless hours of trying to figure out what’s running low.

Apart from the features itself, Brilliant POS was very helpful in getting us set up to do business, and their 24-hour support is a great tool for sorting issues out quickly. Not to mention that the cost is much more affordable than many other options on the market.

Edward Alvarez
Jersey City, NJ
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