Introducing Clover POS for the Charlotte Area

January 17th, 2016 mhoerr

Clover POS is the newest innovation to the Point of Sale Industry. Click here to learn more: Clover POS. This solution has a lot going for it, from design to functionality, there’s not much out there that can contend. With a ever growing app market, this solution is only poised to grow in features and popularity. Where as with most Point of Sale Software and Applications you are at the mercy of one company to add much needed features, but with this solution you have hundreds of developers adding new features daily. Imagine being able to add a new feature at a moment’s notice! Owners could build the pos system of their dreams. With Clover Point of Sale you will have most of the features available in the more robust pos solutions standard, and with the app market you can have hundreds of add on features allowing a business owner to tweak and build new functionality to their POS as needed

This solution is ideal for any retail store, quick service restaurant, and full service dining establishments. For Retail establishments, customers can take advantage of the customer facing Mini allowing self checkout along with EMV and NFC functionality. In addition, the Mobile unit will allow customers to manage inventory at the shelf level. For Restaurants, the Mobile will allow full table-side management. Servers can send orders to the kitchen, take payment, email receipts, or print them out using a bluetooth printer.

This opens up an opportunity for the Charlotte business market to take advantage of not only one of the most robust and complete pos solutions available, but by the top rated pos companies in the North American market. In addition, this solution is provided at rock bottom prices, even with no money down options. Brilliant POS offers a complete line up, including the Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, and Clover Go. Contact us today to speak with a product advisor to answer any questions and build a customized POS Proposal – 704-315-5229 x1


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