Clover Point of Sale for North Carolina and South Carolina

February 6th, 2016 mhoerr

Hello North Carolina! We here at Brilliant POS are proud to announce Clover POS North Carolina and Clover POS South Carolina. For those who have not been introduced to this revolutionary and ground breaking POS, let me do the honors! Clover Point of Sale was designed with the help of Apple and Tesla Motors, just to give you an idea of the workmanship that was put into this. Clover POS is an Android POS at heart with the full power of the Android App Market backing it. By itself it comes with all of the features you would expect in a complete solution: Inventory control, customer management, employee tracking, advanced reporting, etc. But in addition to these standard features you can customize your Point of Sale with hundreds of 3rd party add on apps giving you almost unlimited features. This allows the Cash Register to grow with your business no matter what or how you plan on selling.

So it’s beautifully designed and has any functionality you can imagine, but what about costs? This is where I think we shine even brighter! Unlike the traditional windows based systems that were costly to purchase and even more to keep up and in many cases required additional back office servers, The Clover Station comes in at a fraction of what you are used to paying. How does a complete POS System for $1200? You’re thinking, it’s probably used or doesn’t have any type of support. Nope, brand new, 24/7 Support, and live training. You want cheaper? Okay, how about the Clover Mini? This is a complete POS with EMV, NFC, and swipe built in, along with the receipt printer and scanner! All in one! Paired with a cash drawer, $899! Is this still too much? How much does a regular old cash register cost, $500 – $1200. But just for you, no money up front, low monthly payments, and at the end of your term we’ll send you a brand new system and buy that one back! You may be thinking, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Well then maybe you should check out our 5 Star and A+ Reviews:

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I better stop; I don’t want to blow anyone’s minds too far. So what’s next? Call us and let us answer any questions you have, customize a quote tailored to your business, and demo the solution so you can see it in action. And if you’re in the Charlotte, NC area, come see it in person in our showroom.

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