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The Coffee Point of Sale system is not a basic electronic cash register. It is an advanced tool used for making over the counter ordering and deliveries fast, efficient and simple. BrilliantPOS is a leading industry player in this field and offers various POS solutions to various clients all over the world. In doing so, clients are able to take advantage of a business tool that provides an environment that consists of quick transaction processing, orders and checking out of customers while ensuring accurate reporting in the human resources, accounting, inventory and operations departments.

There is customer support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that inducts staff through a live training module while you are issued with a 5 year warranty with overnight replacement of faulty hardware.

This solution has revolutionized the way in which customer service is provided incorporating loyalty programs and rewards that leads to customer retention and increase in sales volumes. You are in a position to process gift cards for customers so that they will keep coming back to your coffee shop for more. At the same time, congestion is eased because of the modern approach to business that is used through the adoption of added features to the software. Errors are minimized because of fast and accurate orders. An inventory tracking and alert system ensures that you are up to speed with stock levels and are able to configure the system to let you know when minimum stock levels have been reached. This gives you an insight to what is selling most as opposed to slow movers. Further, the Coffee Point of Sale can place automatic orders to suppliers and vendors online to keep business running smoothly. Employees can be monitored by printing put reports pertaining to the number of hours worked making it easy to calculate your wage bill at any given time.

The touchscreen interface makes for easy operation with training completed in less than a minute. It offers graphics that simplify ordering through the use of images and you are able to arrange buttons on it so that performance is maximized. Quick keys on the menu make it easy to access any functions that you need to use and this makes the process efficient and easy to manage.

Despite all these facilities, the price of this POS system is amongst the lowest in the market and this is why it has become the market leading software. Other salient features are highlighted as under the following.


Reordering is an integrated and versatile function that this restaurant POS provides. Orders can be made once the inventory has reached the minimum stock level and this gives options as per vendor or prevailing circumstances.


Various options exist for customer receipts including the ability to send an original copy online; print gift receipts; setting for a prompt to receipt and a receipt for every customer.


The Coffee Point of Sale incorporates an integrated process for transactions pertaining to debit, credit and gift cards as well as tips.

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