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A convenience store is characterized by having a fast paced environment. BrilliantPOS offers a class leading Convenience POS system that fits the tab by offering an advanced solution with a touchscreen interface giving you the speed and efficiency to cope with the lines of traffic generated by customers at the counter. This is the quickest Convenience Store system available in the market. It provides features that enable you to keep track of customer accounts, inventory and transactions per employee while providing them with schedules for clocking in and out. The use of bar code scanners supplements the touchscreen and you are able to print labels and shelf tags with the same system. It has the capability to read unreadable or damaged labels.
BrilliantPOS is industry-leading manufacturer for the hardware devices required in operating a POS system and offers excellent customer support all through the year in addition to a 5 year replacement warranty that includes overnight replacement of any faulty hardware. Over and above the aforementioned functions, there are many benefits derived from using the Convenience POS solution. Here are some of them.

You can set alerts for low stock levels to avoid getting caught out by a lack of it during normal sales activities. Setting a minimum reorder level that prompts you to restock once stock drops below that level does this. This ensures an organized and efficient process of sourcing as you can plan in advance and take time to purchase stock at the best market prices as a result of the ability to negotiate.

Purchase Orders
The creation of purchase orders is an integral facility within the system that allows you to engage in the procurement of stock in an efficient manner. Coupled with the online ordering system, it contributes to the quick movement of items in and out of the convenient store guaranteeing customers a consistent supply of the items that they favor the most.

Customer Retention
There are a number of features that guarantee customer retention including gift cards, loyalty reward programs and varying discounts. All this is possible because of the database available in the software that allows you to store details of every customer. In this way, you can embark on sales and marketing promotions by printing gift cards and developing loyalty reward programs while offering special discounts to individual customers or per item.

You can manage employees’ hours worked and wages through the use of individual identity login accounts and track their activities throughout. This is supplemented by the time clock, which provides a system of clocking in and out, which allows you to tabulate the number of hours, worked, and wages due. It also helps in monitoring any unauthorized activities during and after work hours.

This Convenience POS system enables you to generate over 70 reports that are customizable. All aspects of management are easily handled including daily performance, general ledger, human resources and inventory. The vital data allows you to develop budgets and plans for the future.

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