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Liquor Point of Sale features: Inventory

Liquor stores require a Retail point of sale with advanced inventory control features that can track and monitor the numerous variables such as size & year of items sold by the Liquor Store Point of Sale System. Brilliant POS has the best Liquor Shop Point of Sale available. With the Point of Sale Solution you can monitor stock levels, report on top and bottom selling liquor inventory products, and eliminate theft. Every time a item is sold with the Point of Sale for Liquor Stores it will be instantly subtracted from stock levels. On top of that the Liquor POS has management features like generating PO’s based on low level alerts, back-orders, and direct store transfers/deliveries.

With Brilliant POS’s Liquor Point of Sales you will also have the option of our mobile/handheld inventory device so you can manage your inventory, add new inventory, create PO’s, run discrepancy reports, and do cycle counts all wirelessly with this fantastic Liquor Shop Point of Sale Solution! So no more tying up your Liquor Store POS Terminals or back-office managing and receiving inventory. Now the power of the Point of Sale is right in your hands. This solution you designed to give you more efficiency and control so you can reduce your payroll hours and shrinkage and increase your profits.

As one of the industry leaders in the market today we have designed this Liquor solution to give you the most features and the highest quality at the lowest price you’ll find! So give our Product Advisors a call today and we’ll do a live demo of the Point of sale Software for Liquor and customize a Liquor Shop POS Proposal specific to your business. Whether that’s one location or a hundred! Our teams of experts are more then happy to assist you today!

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