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Those who manage liquor stores can testify that they face various unique business challenges in which most standard retail POS systems are not suited to deal with. Independent liquor POS reviews show that this system is the best pick for liquor retailers because it is purposely and specially designed for the liquor store Point of Sale Industry. Here below are some of the factors that make our Liquor POS system the ideal solution for businesses in the liquor industry.

Age verification
Most countries, state and municipalities restrict the sale of liquor to persons below a certain age, in most cases 21 years. This means that the sale of liquor to persons below the magnesium age is considered a criminal inference and punishable by law. How do you verify that the customer has attained the age of 21 years. Liquor POS makes the age verification of the customer very simple because you just need to scan or swipe the customers documents such as ID or driving license. The system will thus help you ensure that you do not get on the wrong side of the law by selling liquor to minors.

The liquor industry is known for its frequent promotions. It may be a promotion of newly launched spirits, or just seasonal promotions to increase customer loyalty or of the best selling beers. Whatever sort of promotion, you should keep track of all the discounted liquor sales. Liquor POS does this effectively. It tracks all the discounted promotions. Most importantly, it provides the entire sales data in an easy to use format. This is the reason why most of the liquor Point of sale reviews are positive. Most people are happy with what it offers.

Multiple product codes
In most liquor stores, although the product has one single bar-code, it may attract different prices when it is sold as single units. Such as packs of 3, 6, 9, 12, etc, or when it is sold as whole cases. Liquor Point of Sale Systems enables the customer attendants to easily and quickly process transactions for all their products in the available pack sizes. It ensures that the right price is given every time you scan the product code.

Brilliant POS’s Liquor Point of Sale Systems are meant to help reduce the administration expenses, and increase the efficiency of the business. POS Liquor reviews have rated it highly on top of the other POS systems. The owners of most liquor stores criticize the other POS systems because it is quite difficult keeping them up-to-date with the constantly changing list of the liquor products that are sold at most outlets. The good thing with POS Liquor is that it allows for uploading in bulk product information according to the needs of the retail store owner. Because of this factor, those who acquire the system spend less time managing it so they have more time to spend in the management of their store.

Inventory management
Many positive liquor Point of Sale reviews are with regard to its inventory management. The system helps the owners of liquor stores to better manage their inventory effectively and in so doing they control the losses that may be caused by waste and shrinkage.

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