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Some of the essential features of a Liquor Store POS Solution are speed, advanced inventory tracking, detailed reporting, security, and ID verification. Brilliant POS has the perfect Liquor store Point of Sale software to meet the needs of this demanding industry.
The CRE software has one of the fastest and most efficient Liquor Point of Sale Solutions available on the market today. Designed for fast barcode scanning and non-barcode touch-interface via quick-find departments. Numerous price levels can be set for retail, wholesale, employee, family, etc. Up to 20 different price levels are available with the POS for Liquor. Taxes are automatically applied and simple to change for the Liquor Store POS Software and can have up to 3 tax levels applying per item. With the Liquor Shop POS System cash payments are simple by choosing preset increments, even denomination, or by typing the amount in using the built in keypad. In addition, not many Liquor Retail Point of Sales allow you to charge house accounts for whole-sellers or regulars.

For Credit Card payment with the Liquor and Beer POS, simple swipe the customer card and the fast completely integrated credit card setup will process the order in about 2 seconds. On top of all this, with our Liquor and Wine POS you can bring your own credit card merchant and we’ll integrate them directly into the POS Station. Why process credit cards separately from your liquor Store Solution system when you can benefit from the speed of integrated processing, as well as the efficiency of only having to print one itemized receipt for your customers and one report at the end of the night.

So for one of the fastest Liquor and Wine POS Systems in the industry with the most POS Features, State of the Art hardware solution with solid state technology, and world class warranties look no further than Brilliant POS’s Point of Sale Solution today! Our Advisors look forward to speaking with you.

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