Liquor Store Point of Sale Systems

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Liquor Store Point of Sale Systems are part of the Cash Register Express solution that BrilliantPOS offers as a tool to provide management solutions to your business operation. It is a powerful software that enables the liquor store owner to market efficiently to customers through the provision of information on purchasing trends. Other facilities available are labour management, elimination or curbing of shrinkage, precise tracking of inventory and a quicker checkout process for customers.

Also available is the first class customer support that provides round the clock service to clients and issues a 5 year replacement warranty that allows for changing of faulty hardware within 24 hours. Conversely, each Liquor POS system is tailor-made for any specific business operation and the Products Solution Specialists are ready to guide you in determining you preferred design.

As such, you are able to maximize the benefits derived from adopting this system in order to increase efficiency and boost your profits. Here are some of the salient features that the system has to offer.

Automated Reordering
You can prevent stock outages as every item that is sold is depleted from the stock immediately. This coupled with the facility to set a reorder level allows you to program the software to make an order for depleted stock once it goes beyond that level.

Purchase Orders
Due to the available facility to set reorder levels, it is possible to automatically create purchase orders derived from low inventory levels. These orders can be made on a case by case basis or individually.

Tracking through Serial Numbers
This important when the need arises to know when a customer bought a specific item because it may be necessary for future reference especially where there is a complaint or when you need to generate a report on customer preferences and what kind of demand the item has in reference to particular individuals.

Credit Facilities
You can maintain on-house accounts allowing customer to by on credit for future payment.

EBT/Food Stamps
EBT/Food Stamps can be processed in the POS system by setting or choosing which items that can be purchased with the use of Food Stamps.

When your staffs are entitled to a commission or tip, it is possible to keep track of these additional payments in the system by opening a separate account.

Mix and Match Pricing
You can set pricing for a combination of items that you want to sell within your liquor store. This is because customers may prefer to buy in combinations or packages. Once you reach the level that is set, it enables the discount for the customer.

Handheld Stock
Brilliant POS offers handheld devices for stock receipts and inventory as well as floor adjustments.

Dynamic Pricing
You can set parameters to cater for time-based prices, bulk purchase pricing and sales prices which can adjust automatically with set prices.

Credit and Debit Cards
BrilliantPOS offers a professional credit and debit card processing integration that caters for customers who may not be akin to paying in cash. From swiping the card to conclusion, the whole transaction process takes under 3 seconds.

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