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BrilliantPOS offers the Pizza Point of Sale solution to Pizzeria owners whose aim is to provide uninterrupted service to customers in a professional manner while ensuring customer retention by offering reward programs that are provided for by the software. This system increases operational efficiencies by issuing an affordable yet modern platform that is loaded with features that included automatic reordering to suppliers and vendors while tracking employees in order to prevent shrinkage and reduce incidences of theft. Transactions are easily and quickly processed whereas tracking of inventory is simplified through the constant monitoring of stock levels and print out of all the necessary reports. In this way, you are guaranteed of accuracy at all stages of operation including the added benefit of training employees in the shortest period of time saving on costs while support can supplement this need through live interactions.

A delivery module assists in providing information regarding customer location, cutting down on time taken to reach the customer. The versatility of the point of sale system allows for different types of ordering including in-house and drive through as well as receiving orders online by the creation of a customer account. Kitchen staffs are able to receive orders in real time making for a highly efficient operation that serves customized recipes on demand. Such qualities serve to enhance your production capacity in a simple and straightforward manner.

Some of the key highlights that are showcased in this system include the following.

Multilanguage Function

This pizza point of sale system comes with three different language options, namely, English, Spanish and Chinese. Employees with different ethnic backgrounds can login and use any three of these options and relay orders to the kitchen in the translated format to enhance the accuracy of the order.

Touchscreen Interface

The use of the touchscreen interface increases speed and efficiency in ordering and delivery. The graphics are highly customizable making it an easy experience for staff to handle.

Seating Module

You can create a seating floor plan for ease of service and this helps you to monitor orders and deliveries. This gives you an advantage in managing waiting lists and reservations without any fuss.

Management Reporting

Such functions can be performed from the back office through logging into the system from a different location. In doing so, you can keep track of all transactions, inventory and staff performance without interfering with operations on the floor. This gives you the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments and take preemptive action before occurrence of any crises.


The software consists of a training mode that allows you to train the staff on operation of the pizza point of sale without interfering with the actual database.


If your staffs are situated in remote locations, they can use an iPad or iPhone to receive orders and send them to the kitchen through the use of the WaveSoft Application. This ensures business off location leading to an increase in volume of sales and customer traffic resulting in increased profit margins.


You can set up alerts or reminders regarding special orders from specific customers in order to avoid errors in ordering when any employee logs into the system.

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