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Brilliant POS offers solutions for the point of sale in order to ensure efficiency, accuracy, ease of operation and profitability. As a market leader in the industry, BrilliantPOS Solutions are backed with round the clock customer support throughout the year. The essential aspects of the various systems include credit card integration, warranty, training, support, software and hardware. Product solution specialists are at hand to assist in installation and training while ensuring customization of the solution to fit into your business operations in a seamless way all featuring touchscreen interface technology for ease of operation. Solutions are available for groceries, restaurants, quick service business or retail stores.


There is a wide range of Retail Point of Sale system solutions offered by BrilliantPOS all of which are customized to suit the needs of individual businesses that they are applied to. They softwares can cater for single stores as well as large multi-location chains. These systems provide sound inventory management; reduce operating costs while increasing efficiency. Tracking is a key feature that allows you to monitor employee hours, customer loyalty and inventory.
Adopting such a point of sale system enables you to run over 70 different customized reports including payroll, expenses and profits as well as track and control employees in addition to attraction of more customers and curbing of theft. Examples of the industries where these solutions are used include convenience stores, tobacco and cigar shops.


The QuickServe Restaurant Solution is, as its name suggests, the right package for quick service. This finds its use in businesses that require detailed, organized, fast and easy softwares that are vital to successful operations. Staffs are trained to place orders and check out customers with a minute. The touchscreen interface makes it easy to design graphics in all sorts of colors and with images as well. This is an advanced cash register that reduces the length of queues and increases customer satisfaction. This will help increase traffic of customers without causing a jam. Another selling point is its affordability.


The restaurant Point of Sale saves you money and time by making it easy for staff to perform their duties and assisting you to keep track of all the necessary details of your business. This software implements customer loyalty plans, tracks employee hours and wages; places supply orders; tracks inventory and speeds up credit card transactions. All information is stored in a central location making it easier to arrive at decisions that will eliminate waste and increase efficiency.


The Grocery Store POS Software Cash Register Express is designed to cope with a store that has high levels of transaction frequency and volume inventory. You are able to weigh and ring up items quickly while keeping track of your inventory and monitoring the best and worst selling items in stock. Additional facilities allow you to manage employee wages and hours, customize loyalty plans and use gift cards. Bar code scanners enable you to scan broken/unreadable barcodes and while being able to print shelf tags and bar code labels.

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