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The POS Register is a powerful tool for business operations. Retailers are able to take advantage of the ability to market their wares to customers in an efficient manner by monitoring purchasing trends. Managing human resource functions is a breeze as well as the reduction and elimination of shrinkage. Inventory can be tracked accurately while checkouts are done faster. Conversely, you can print out business report and make use of its highly competent functionality.

A comprehensive customer support system that is available all day and week allows for seamless delivery of services to customers even when challenges do arrive and a five year replacement warranty provides for the delivery of faultless equipment in 24 hours.

There are numerous benefits derived from usage of the POS Register including and not limited to the following.

Minimized Expenses and Increase in Profits

Cash Register Express provides comprehensive reporting systems that provide you with sufficient information to track inventory, costs and sales figures. The reporting screen is designed to allow you to select the kind of report you require for any particular period of time. Additional reports include item, department, store number, vendor and cashier i.d. The information derived will enable you to know the daily performance of the business operation including number of customers, best and worst selling items and profits.

Human Resource Functions

You can track employees’ hours and wages accurately as they constitute one of the most important factors in costs of any retail outlet. Some of the features available to this effect are a facility for clocking in and out as well as an integrated time clock, reports and controls that ensure the prevention of clocking in and out in an unscheduled manner.

Stock Control

State-of-the-art stock control is an added feature in this cash register system. It provides you with an opportunity to prevent wastage and shrinkage while curbing or eliminating theft including discrepancies. You can study movement trends of your products and deduce what are the best and worst selling items. Also incorporated are direct store deliveries, back orders, purchase orders and automated stock replenishment.

Loyalty Reward Programs

The POS register assists you in marketing your products and services by using a customer loyalty reward program and gift cards. This means that you can market directly to your customers allowing you to enhance customer retention. Examples of these rewards include discounts and loyalty cards.


A number of features have been put in place to avoid discrepancies and reduce theft. These have taken the line of restrictions or limitations pertaining to price changes, voids, no sales or discounts.

Quicker Checkouts

The availability of a touchscreen and bar code scanner make it convenient for the employee and customer to speed up the transaction process. Automatic application of taxes is standard while hotkeys have been availed for common currency amounts. Payment is made easier by swiping credit or debit cards with the option of keying in cash amounts on the touchscreen. Matters pertaining to cards are handled within a few seconds. This makes for an efficient and quick service to customers.

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