POS System for Frozen Yogurt Business

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The POS system for frozen yogurt business allows for customer retention by providing different options for payment to you. This system processes checks, debit and credit cards including payment over the internet. As such, you are able to operate your business in an organized and efficient manner that leads to profitability by reducing overheads and increasing margins.

In addition to speed, reliability and efficiency, this software provides an integrated weigh and pay system for the customer making it more convenient to transact and creating satisfaction due to the enhanced service.

The compatibility of the application with the Customer Relationship Management system allows you to store detailed information regarding sales for every customer. This information is essential in marketing and improves your marketing drive to ensure customer retention at a low cost.

The facility to track inventory contributes to a better managed cash flow because you are able to identify items that may not be selling satisfactorily. It will assist you in purchasing goods that move faster to ensure that money is not tied up in slow moving or redundant stock. Conversely, you are able to keep track of debtors and creditors so that you can receive payments from customers on time and meet creditors’ deadlines. This creates healthy business relationships.

The automated purchasing system is derived from the ability to set minimum restocking levels thereby triggering the processing of a purchase order and automated purchase to vendors online. This ensures constant availability of stock for customers and continuous sales activity.

Reports can be printed to analyze sales and stock movements with the pos system for frozen yogurt business. This allows you to plan on what to stock up in advance especially when dealing with items whose demand fluctuates according to the season.

As a result of the automation of most of your processes, you are able to reduce the workload pertaining to accounting as the application creates automatic entries. This allows you to focus on the core business activity while having all the financial reports at hand.

Process automation enables you to carry out tasks such as journal entries and posting to the ledger, entering bills, calculating sales tax and many other accounting functions. In addition, it maintains a clear audit trail throughout the year and you can print out a financial report for any period of the year as and when required.

Brilliant POS provides the complete pos system for frozen yogurt business.  Call to speak with one of our product advisors for more information.

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