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The Boutique POS System is suitable for stores that specialize in fashionable or clothing items that are seasonal. A key feature of these items is the intentionally low level of production so as to keep the prices high.

This software contains an excellent inventory tracking facility and fast checkout capabilities. In line with the cutting edge image of a boutique store, it is a quality system that processes fast debit and credit card processing abilities. Customer traffic is increased by the integrated gift card and loyalty reward programs that allow for easy tracking and marketing. You can customize customer buying preferences via your merchandise to improve recurring sales.

During the sale and receipt of products, there is automatic tracking of inventory and the use of a scanner as well a touchscreen interface provides an easy and quick checkout.

Reports are conveniently printed for customer generation, sales history and stock control purposes while the software can be applied to a multi-store environment with live access to inventory for each store. This assist in directing buyers to stores that have what is lacking in a particular branch. Moreover, it provides the necessary information that enables you to mark down items due to prevailing market conditions.

Knowing your top selling sub categories, categories and departments is easy because of the integrated network made available for departmental and branch operations. Using our Boutique POS System application avails you the necessary retail metrics for making informed decisions and monitoring business performance right down to the hour.

Furthermore, the use of this boutique POS system gives you the opportunity to monitor your business on a daily and even hourly basis. This software ensures the attainment of profits that are only possible in an organized and efficient business operation which is well coordinated and managed. Conversely, you are guaranteed of customer satisfaction and repeat buying as the management of your cash flow becomes seamless.

An E-commerce linked website can also be used where items can be sold while the website is constantly updated with new products as and when they become part of the inventory.

All these features allow you to focus on the core activities of the business involving planning and strategy while providing for changes in a matter of minutes whether on the domestic front or in the international market.

As such it has become an important tool in the boutique business useful to the retention of a competitive edge.

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