Card Readers

POS-X Card Reader

POS-X Integrated Card Reader

Integrated Magnetic Strip Reader, 3-Track
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Card Reader

POS-X Card Reader – MSR

Magnetic Strip Reader, 3-track, USB
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Magnetic strip card readers (MSR) are used for reading several types of cards. They will read the data on a credit card and use that information to process a payment. You can also swipe gift cards through these card readers as well. If you would like to use employees cards for logging into the pos system or clocking in and out then you will need a msr. Both of the MSR’s listed above come with tracks 1-2-3. The plug and play usb interface makes them ready to go right out of the box. And the bi-directional ability allows for the cards to be swiped in either direction. There is a strong velcro for attaching the reader to your preferred surface. Otherwise, use the screw mounting option. OPOS/JPOS compatible, 3 year advance replacement protection.

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