Grocery Point of Sale

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Grocery Point of Sale is an advanced cash register system that allows you to monitor and handle high frequency transactions and sales volumes. It comes with a host of features that make it convenient for the store owner to manage the Grocery in an efficient, simple and orderly manner by weighing and pricing any item quickly while offering facilities such as the management of employees’ wages and hours including, customized loyalty plans and the use of gift cards. Bar code scanners are an integral part of the system that enables you to create and print your own bar code labels and read broken or unreadable bar codes at any angle.

This POS software is packed with features that are a major contributor to the success of your business.


Our Grocery Point of Sale provides in-depth reporting that assists in cutting down on reducing expenses while increasing profits. You can track your inventory, costs and sales volumes. Options for selection of reports include what is relevant to the desired time period. Other options include reports viewed by department, item store number, vendor, customer or cashier i.d. In this way, you can monitor the business performance, sales regarding best and worst selling items; profits, number of customers and daily financial reports.

Staff Maintenance

A major factor of recurrent expenditure is labor. The software consists of a facility that allows you to track employees’ hours and wages accurately. The integrated time clock allows you to keep track of hours worked by clocking in and out on the part of the employees. This is aided by summary reports that give you a breakdown of every employee’s record.

Store Management

With the Grocery Point of Sale you are able to control and monitor movement of stock so as to curb shortages, shrinkage, wastage and theft. Knowledge of movement gives you an insight to what sells best against what seems to be redundant. Once an item is sold, it is automatically reflected in the stock at hand and features that include direct store delivery, back orders, purchase orders and restocking are also incorporated.

Reduction or Elimination of Theft

This solution has been developed to eliminate theft and increase accountability through user level restrictions that limit functions such as offering discount, price changes, voids and no thefts. Cash discrepancies can be tracked right down to the cashier and specific time.


You can put items together and sell them as kits as opposed to singularly because of the systems versatility.


You can set parameters for different prices such as time-based prices, bulk-purchase prices and sales prices with the facility to allow them to automatically adjust depending on the circumstances.

Holding Transactions

Transactions can be put on hold if, for example, a customer has forgotten their purse or calls to check if you are still holding an item in stock before making a purchase afterwards.


At times, it is necessary to verify the age of a customer in order to avoid fines or penalties. You can do so by scanning the driver’s license or enter the information at a prompt.

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