iPad Restaurant POS

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A Few of Our iPad Restaurant POS Features:

  • No Setup Fees, No Contracts, and No Software Purchases!
  • Take Orders and Payments on Your iPad
  • Stand-Alone or Integrate with Mac Mini
  • Pay at the Table with TouchBistro


  • Fully Customizable Menus, Modifiers, Combos, etc
  • Automated coursing, gratuity, and guest counts are all standard
  • Design your floor layout and backgrounds


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    TouchBistro is an advanced iPad Restaurant POS application, designed specifically for the iPad and iPad mini. Order taking and payment processing are simply done with our complete handheld solutions. Whether it’s an iPad or iPad Mini, you will take your business to the next level with full mobility. Our handheld solutions are completely integrated so your servers will be able to take orders, send them to the kitchen, and process payment without taking an extra step.

    Mobile handhelds are a great way to save money. Instead of having to buy a new terminal to handle your traffic, you can simply add mobile handhelds that will seamlessly link up to your existing setup or go completely mobile with iPad Minis.

    With TouchBistro Cloud you will have a robust web based backoffice reporting solution allowing full visibility from any Internet browsing device.
    Increase Front and Back of House Productivity:

      With TouchBistro’s user friendly POS solution, your employees will get the job done with increased speed and efficiency. From taking orders to taking payment, these steps are fully integrated into one application on your iPad.

    Lower Operational Expenditures and Provide More Value in Your POS Solution:

      Stacked up next to the traditional POS systems, TouchBistro is not only a lower entry and ongoing cost, but also offers more value. TouchBistro’s low monthly payments, reduced hardware costs, and 100% financing options make it easy for businesses to get a true solution that enables them to focus on running their business.

    Better Customer and Staff Experience:

      With a complete Full Feature POS solution that’s packed with easy to use functions and putting smart and cutting edge technology in the hands of staff, restauranteurs are organically adding great value to the experience of their clientele.

    For a customized proposal or a demonstration of how this solution works, feel free to reach out to one of our Restaurant POS Specialists today.
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    Screen Shots

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