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Pizza POS Systems are the best solutions for business operations in the Pizza Restaurant business. They offer a convenient method of administration that includes customer service, human resources, accounting and operations management. Conversely, you are able to deliver seamless and efficient service to customers while monitoring staff performance and monitor profitability including operational cost efficiencies. As such, it is possible to run an operation at minimal cost and this includes the cost of purchasing the software which is minimal. Training is easy and straightforward whereas customer support runs you and your employees through the system usage in the shortest time possible.

Much has been said about the benefits of adopting such as system within the management of your concern and here are some salient features that will allow you achieve efficiency, simplicity and productivity.

Stock Control

In a Pizza restaurant, it is very important to know how much stock you have at any given time to keep the deliveries flowing. The Pizza POS systems enable you to keep track of the inventory and you can set the minimum reorder level as well. Moreover, there is the benefit of configuring the system to make orders online to your established suppliers automatically.

Custom Menus

You are able to ring up customized orders easily and relay this information to the kitchen in an efficient manner. This includes the ingredients as well as size.


Credit cards can be pre-authorized and orders closed once the customers are through with their meal ordering by starting a bar tab. This is also possible with cash and the tab is closed out when payment is made.


An important human resource function is the clocking in and out of staff. This enables you to monitor the employees’ performance that are required to login with their i.d providing you with information regarding collections, orders and time spent at their work stations.

Caller Identity

Taking orders on the phone requires the customers’ details. This is done through saving the number displayed on the point of sales system and automatically opening a customer account in the process. On selection, the customer’s account is pulled up on the touch screen allowing for careful monitoring of payments and delivery.


As a result of the opening of customer accounts, you are provided with a customer database. They are easily reachable and this information gives you an insight to the preferred recipes as well as what your best sellers are. Due to the ability to print out reports on receipts per customer, it is then easy to award points on the basis of the most frequent customers or total amounts spent in a reward program.

Billing Preferences

The Pizza POS systems allow you to split checks as per the preference of customers. One table may have more than one customer or each individual within a group may want to settle their own tab. This facility simplifies the billing function.


This system provides the added function of tracking orders by placing them in queue making them easier to track and manage. Those in charge of delivery will then be able to monitor the deliveries in an orderly manner.

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