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Brilliant POS systems offers 4 key types of software that are categorized as Cash Register Express; Aldelo for Restaurants; Restaurant Pro Express and WaveSoft. Each of these serves a varied purpose in the business operations that require the needs of Point of Sale software and have made the management of businesses easier, efficient and quicker while providing essential and comprehensive reports to the business owner so as to track profitability, inventory, employees and general business performance.

There are many positive attributes about POS systems with each having a distinct number of features that contribute to enhancement of operational capacity. These can be highlighted under each broad category.

Cash Register Express

The Cash register Express is a vital tool to retailers who want to increase the profitability of their businesses by introducing better management of key departments. Adopting the use of this point of sale software provides numerous benefits to the retailer and customer including precise tracking of stock, prevention of shrinkage, speedy and efficient customer checkout, seamless marketing strategies based on purchasing habits of customers and management of labour with particular reference to wages and labor. Business reports are also integrated to the system allowing you to monitor performance from different perspectives.

Aldelo for Restaurants

This is a restaurant POS software that allows you to manage your stores in a convenient and easy way by keeping track of what goes in and out and in what quantities as well. Your rate of return on investment is boosted by increased efficiency and productivity. The core function of this software is to handle your floor layout with reservations, free gift card management, customer tracking and in-house accounts, delivery order and driver tracking, inventory and ingredient tracking ands sales.

Simplicity and efficiency are achieved irrespective of the scale of business operations through proper financial accountability and extensive reporting.

Restaurant Pro Express

Restaurant Pro Express is a QuickServe Point of Sale software solution that is touchscreen operated in order to ensure quick and convenient order taking, advanced security, efficient order taking with customized kitchen print routing and customer loyalty/gift card tracking. This results in easy training for employees and minimal time taken; financial controls as well as accurate accounting; increased business traffic and a loyal following of customers. Conversely, you are able to process transactions in a speedy manner leaving customers satisfied because of the short time taken in the queue.


WaveSoft is iPad Restaurant software developed with the Aldelo for Restaurant software in mind. This mobile solution is usable on Apple iPads, iPods and iPhones and selected industry specific handheld devices including the POS-X Fusion. This solution regarded as Pay-at-the-Table makes payment processing and order taking smart and easy. This is customized to suit the needs of your business. MSR readers allow you to process payment in a secure and quick manner with one of the PCI compliant gateways and devices. It eliminates the need to purchase additional devices that require licensing while menu settings are automatically imported as opposed to reprogramming the menu. This allows you to utilize all the products and services that are already in place.

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