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POS Equipment is a broad array of tools that include software, hardware, credit card integration as well as warranty and training. This is what BrilliantPOS provides to customers. The process of putting all the pieces together is facilitated by Product Solutions Specialists who guide you through from concept to completion enabling you to make easy choices on what POS components are relevant to your business operation. This equipment provides a powerful platform on which your operations are carried out ensuring customer satisfaction and an increase in profits.

The systems are designed to cater for the needs of groceries, quick service business, restaurants and retail stores. These all come with a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer support and are backed with a 5 year overnight replacement warranty.

POS equipment can vary according to the business requirements and are broadly categorized under Retail, Restaurant, QuickServe and Grocery.

Retail POS

The Retail POS system, better known as the Cash Register Express increases profitability of a retail owner’s business by creating an efficient marketing drive through monitoring of purchasing trends. Labor management and reduction and elimination of shrinkage as well as accurate inventory tracking and faster customer checkout are the key features of this system. Retailers will be glad to know that features such as detailed business reporting and robust functionality meet the needs of just about any business operation in the field. Examples of businesses where Retail POS can be employed are Shoe as well as Clothing or Apparel Stores.

Restaurant POS

The Restaurant POS is the appropriate solution for Store Management solutions. It provides the ability to simplify productivity while maximizing on efficiency and your rate of return. It has the capability to handle floor layout with reservations, free gift card management, customer tracking and in-house accounts, delivery order and driver tracking, inventory and ingredient tracking as well as all sales activity. This provides you with the tools to carry out quick serve order entry and perfect table service. The package offers an extensive reporting module and enhances financial accountability at all levels.

QuickServe POS

The QuickServe Restaurant Point of Sale Solution has the distinct quality of being the easiest POS system to use on the market. Staffs are trained to operate the software in less than a minute and the touchscreen interface allows you to design the graphics including images with colors. Customer lines move faster and there is greater satisfaction all round because of improved efficiency. The pos equipment is one of the most advanced in terms of technology application offering value addition to the basic cash register system. The price is among the most competitive in the market and is suitable foe use in pizzerias, cafes, delis and many other quick serve businesses.

Grocery POS

The Grocery Store POS Software Cash Register Express has been developed with high volumes of stock and frequencies of transactions on the floor. Inventory can be tracked with ease in order to analyze movement of stock while you are able to weigh and ring up items quickly. For sales promotions, facilities available include customized loyalty plans and gift cards whereas you are able to manage employee wages and hours.

Each of these systems comes with standard and premium specifications that are all tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of your business.

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