Touch PC’s

Touch PC

POS-X All-In-One TouchPC – 4GB

15″ Touch Screen, Atom Dual Core 1.86DC, 4GB of RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, Win7 (card reader sold separately)
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Touch Computer

POS-X All-In-One TouchPC – 2GB

15″ Touch Screen, Atom Dual Core 1.86DC, 2GB of RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, Win7 (card reader sold separately)
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Brilliant POS sells the Touch PC manufactured by POS-X. These all in one units are created with the users functionality in mind. They are equipped with fast processors, plenty of memory, and encased with a solid exterior that is spill resistant. The 3 year warranty with an advanced exchange is standard, and you have the option for a 5 year overnight warranty as well. Not very many companies offer a 5 year overnight warranty, the only reason we are able to do this is because the hardware is built so well. The card reader is an optional attachment that you only need to purchase if you plan to use it. There are plenty of USB ports to plug in your peripherals, six total. The Touch PC is designed to save you space. Most businesses don’t have extra room at their check out stations. That’s why these all in one touch screen pc’s were made with a small footprint. For more information, please contact one of our product advisors at 855-515-7510 ext. 1.

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