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Brilliant POS provides the Boutique Point of Sale as a retail solution to the store owners of small and medium scale business operations to help you run your business smoothly. It provides you with the reporting systems you need to make qualified decisions and can be used in one or many store locations.

Years of development and improvement ensure that you experience the best in using the Boutique point of sale. The system is designed to make erudition and dealing with the software is easy and simple, whether it is customer relations or inventory management. An added advantage is the speed at which the software is set up. It takes a very short period of time to customize according to your needs.

The software can be linked with your website in order to receive orders from online shoppers. This increases sales tremendously because of the current trends of shoppers who prefer to save time and resources without visiting the boutique itself. An added opportunity is also provided for marketing in this way by making use of the customer loyalty programs and gift cards as well. Conversely, you can update your website with price changes and pictures using this application.

This Boutique Point of Sale offers features that allow for the tracking of inventory while being associated with color and matches by using the styles matrix. This provides you with the necessary information to give your customers and yourself the ability to make the right decisions on purchases.

Accurate reporting is ensured by the ability to link the application to Quickbooks Accounting software in order to handle your financials in an accurate and efficient way. This enables the easy management of payroll and general ledger.

In the event of a customer complaint or the request of a refund, a record of all purchases is stored and even though the customer may have lost the receipt, you can print out electronic receipts to ensure those entitled to refunds receive them. This ensures customer retention.

Our product is offered at very competitive prices and customized to suit your particular needs at no extra cost. Remote training is included in our sales package.

You can choose from our industry leading hardware that includes a 5 year warranty with over night replacement.  Our support staff is available day and night all year round and will ensure repair or replacement in the shortest possible time.

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