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In the Green Industry, store owners consist of nurseries, garden centers and lawns. Retailers in this industry rely on Garden Point of Sale software to track their inventory, streamline business operations and manage the various vendors that they deal with. This application software has become a house hold name among numerous retailers in the market because of its quick return on investment, ease of use and various capabilities.

This POS is rich in facilities like notable reporting capabilities, automatic purchasing, en-suite customer loyalty programs, touchscreen interface and robust store management system. Selecting an item in a department is easy with the use of the touchscreen. You can create price levels for bulk customers by saving their details in the database and billing them directly through their accounts at prices specific to them. The design makes it user friendly and easy to use while training is provided to employees and walk managers from the first to last stage.

The garden point of sale software is packed with features that will allow you to focus on profitability, by increasing sales activities and speed through the improvement of efficiency. This is due to the following features:

Employee Tracking and Time Cards

This integrated feature enables you to track your employees through the use of a clock in and out timer facility which requires each member of staff to login using a unique username and password. Authorized or unauthorized are tracked including transactions giving you an insight into discrepancies per individual if need arises.

Customer Loyalty Programs

The integrated database provides details of customers that help you target loyal customers and issue them with rewards like discounts or special offers. This is an essential marketing tool that attracts and retains customers. Shoppers can be rewarded for their shopping habits using this program through loyalty cards, and special discounts.

Automated Purchases

This garden point of sale allows you to create and calculate restocking orders. Orders can be simplified by basing them on past sales whereas you can make orders for all the stores or branches in your network. The software allows for customized purchases and sales as well.

Over and above the impressive software application, our advanced software provides dependable solutions that are resistant to water and humidity making them usable both indoors and outdoors.

We offer support 24 hours a day all year round with a 5 year overnight replacement warranty and you can contact our dedicated sales team for a tailor made solution specific to your retail outlet.

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