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Garden Center POS software will assist you in keeping track of your revenue. This gives you the opportunity to know where your earnings are derived from, expenditure and costs as well as profitability per item. You will be able to restock on time and identify your bestsellers. As such, your profit margins will increase by using this application. Other benefits include the ability to recognize trends allowing you to identify demand of products at various points in time.

Tracking your inventory will allow you to establish control over employee theft and waste, while preventing the stocking up of items that are not moving leading to huge savings. The garden center pos software includes facilities that allow you to print out reports on inventory enabling you to plan in advance on what to stock up. Discrepancies are easily detected and this can be traced to a particular employee.  Different user levels prevent the adjustment of sales prices or provision of discounts without prior authorization from management.

The various options that come with this point of sale system include credit card processing due to the ever increasing use of plastic money in transactions. Bar code checking that comes with customizable and printable weather resistant barcodes for any outdoor or frequently watered items is also a welcome addition. Other features include a touchscreen interface and credit card authorization that results in a faster checkout time at the counter. Printable receipts are an added feature and they can be used for advertising your promotions resulting in additional savings and customer satisfaction. You can take orders on the phone to create invoices and save them with the on-hold feature.

All these features are specific to the type of garden retailing business you operate. The main objective behind the use of the garden center POS is to ensure that there is accuracy, efficiency and speed in all transactions. This results in higher sales activity and increases your profit margins. Customer retention is also boosted through marketing via the system and it is easy to convince new customers to come back again.

The top of the line hardware provides long-lasting solutions that withstand humidity and offer water resistance outdoors. This is backed by an efficient and dedicated customer support that is open 24 hours a day throughout the year with a 5 year overnight replacement warranty.

Our product advisors are always available to guide you in selecting the appropriate software while one-on-one training is provided to employees and walk managers.

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