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With Brilliant POS’s Liquor Store Point of Sale Software you’ll discover complete control, increase sales by increasing efficiency and visibility. With our Point of Sale system you will get detailed reporting and accounting integration with software like QuickBooks Financial. You’ll be able to manage all of your business financials from one place seamlessly. Thousands of companies all around the world have benefited from this completely customizable Liquor Point of Sale Solution.

Whether you’re operating one location or a thousand, Brilliant POS’s Liquor POS System with its Cloud Based Multi-Location Management is the perfect fit for your Liquor Store(s). Our POS System has some of the most feature rich and advanced feature sets available on the market, yet you’ll discover this POS Liquor is the easiest you’ve ever tried. So employee training goes from hours with other Retail Point of Sale Solutions, to minutes with our system. On top of this, for the more advanced Liquor Point of Sale features we provide one-on-one training for manager and owners so you can benefit from this incredible solution!

On top of this our Retail Point of Sale Systems all come with 24/7 Technical Support, so day or night our teams are ready to help. However, technical issues with our Liquor POS are far and few between. Our POS Hardware consists of top of the line POS-X equipment with Solid State Hard drives and 5-year overnight replacement options. Few point of sale Companies can offer this lever of Support and at this minimal cost.

So for a game changing POS system at a low price you won’t find anywhere else, Brilliant POS is the place to find all of your Point of Sale needs. Give our experienced and friendly Product Advisors a call today and they will be glad to answer any questions you may have and customize the perfect solution for you today.

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