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Liquor POS: Age Verification

Age verification functionality is native to Brilliant POS’s Liquor POS Software. IDs can be scanned, swiped like a credit card, or entered manually. With the Liquor Point of Sale you can choose which products are age restrictive and which ones are not. Once the item is scanned or touched on the POS screen the cashier will be prompted to verify age to determine the customer is of the proper age for purchase.

Our Standard Liquor Store POS includes a POS-X all-in-one touchscreen computer (Solid State Available), integrated Credit Card Reader, Thermal Receipt Printer, Scanner, Cash Drawer, Integrated Customer Display (Or separate Poll), and optional items such as Handheld Inventory Devices, barcode Printing Packages, etc. This Liquor Shop POS Hardware combined with the Liquor Software Solution with features such as: Advanced Reporting, Complete Inventory Control, Loyalty, and much more makes Brilliant POS’s Point of Sale the best solution available on the market!

We also offer some of the fastest and most reliable Retail POS hardware on the market. Our all-in-one touchscreen systems come with Solid State Hardware Drives, increasing your speed by 10x that of a standard HDD. In addition to the speed and reliability of the POS Hardware, our hardware also includes a 5-year overnight warranty with 1 accidental replacement. Many companies in this industry do not offer this extensive warranty, but here at Brilliant POS we want to make sure our POS for Liquor Customers have the Support and Reliability necessary to insure that the Liquor Shop Point of Sale solution is only a source of profit and never a liability.

So to find out more about our Advanced Point of Sale give our Advisors a call today and they are happy to help answer any questions, customize a Liquor POS proposal specific to your location or locations, and even walk your through the Liquor Shop Point of Sale Software step by step. We look forward to hearing from you.

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