Yogurt Point of Sale

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The yogurt point of sale is designed to speed up sales and hasten the checkout process by introducing efficiency in the whole process while reducing costs of the business operation in order to maximize profits.

Additional facilities are integrated to provide a seamless process that allows for accuracy and improvement in management and supervision of staff. All these facilities have resulted in the development of software that has benefited numerous yogurt store owners and transformed the way in which they do business.

This dedicated retail software gives you a good return on investment with a variety of profit boosting activities. A reduction in pricing errors occurs when the management takes charge through the different and secure user levels available in the yogurt point of sale. It goes further to calculate the real cost of discount that you opt to give.

You are able to control the different points in pricing allowing you to charge the maximum amount possible without reducing sales. Conversely, you can reduce redundant stock by monitoring the movement of goods in and out of the store by ordering what is in demand at the moment while planning for seasonal fluctuations.

Theft of stock is a common feature in retail outlets but this is curbed by the use of individual accounts for every employee with different user names and passwords. In case of theft, employees are easily identified and informing them in advance about the system’s capabilities acts as a deterrent. This feature is mated to a clock in/out system that allows you to set up a work schedule by limiting their working hours.

The yogurt point of sale reporting system provides critical information that allows you to monitor causes of fluctuations in sales. It enables you to adjust prices accordingly in order to get redundant items moving off the shelves once again.

For clients who pay with checks, the application is linked to an online check verification system that confirms whether the checks are good or bad. This prevents you from incurring losses. Studies have shown that retailers have been able to avoid losses by up to as much as 80%.

Integrated customer loyalty programs allow you to get repeat business from customers in a cheaper way as you can issue gift cards and provide discounts via the software. This is the most convenient form of marketing that offers solid results.

BrilliantPOS is provides top end hardware that is backed by excellent customer support services all year round and includes remote training for all staff.

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