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The best POS system for Grocery store is the one offered by BrilliantPOS which is also the most advanced and competitively priced in the market. This is because of its versatility in design and after sales support that includes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week service accompanied by a 5 year warranty together with an overnight hardware replacement package.

Features offered include a POS system that has facilities like an i.d prompt to verify the customer’s age, setting reorder levels for depleted stock, running reports to ascertain levels of stock and product specialists’ advice that helps you contribute to a tailor made solution for your Grocery store. This increases efficiencies adding to customer satisfaction. The list is endless but here are a few highlights on what the best POS system for Grocery store has to offer.

Automatic Reordering

An important feature of the POS is the ability to set a minimum stock level with an automatic reordering system. This ensures you not running out of stock before raising a purchase order to restock your inventory.

Purchase Orders

Once you have determined that the level of stock is low enough to be replenished, you can then create a purchase order in the system and proceed to contact your supplier or vendor online because of the integrated database facility.

Handheld inventory devices

An additional device provided by BrilliantPOS is the handheld inventory device for receiving and adjusting inventory or floor counts.

Customer Loyalty & Gift Cards

One great method of attracting and retaining customers is through the use of customer loyalty and gift cards. The system enables you to run loyalty reward programs and offer cards to reward shoppers for their purchasing habits as well as frequent shopper discounts including birthday discounts. This point of sales software incorporates all these facilities to meet the aforementioned objectives. Once again, another reason why we offer the best pos system for grocery store.

Quicker Checkouts

Faster checkouts are made possible through the use of bar code scanning and the touch screen interface. Critical items like taxation are easily applied while common dollar amounts can be entered through the use of hot keys. There are two options for receiving payments. One involves typing the amount on the touchscreen whereas the other involves swiping a debit or credit card to complete the transaction. Processing any e-card takes as little as 3 seconds which reduces the length of customer queues.

Human Resource Management

Employees are managed though a clocking system that monitors staff working hours and calculates wages that are payable during normal working hours and not outside such parameters. This is facilitated by wage summary reports and controls.


Issuing of vouchers introduces repeat business. This is done by promotions that include buy one get one free, flat amount, percentage discounts as well as other time-based promotions. These vouchers are originated from the system.


You can keep track of items that are on consignment or staff commissions.

Serial Numbers

Each item can be assigned a serial number for the purpose of identifying it in relation to the customer and when it was bought.

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