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[heading3]Retail POS[/heading3]

Our simple to use retail POS system will help you take control of your business!

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[heading3]Restaurant POS[/heading3]

Speed up your processes and make your life easier with our restaurant POS system!

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[heading3]Quick Service POS[/heading3]

Take advantage of our fast credit card processing with our quick service pos systems!

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[heading3]Grocery POS[/heading3]

Make your business more profitable with our grocery point of sale systems!

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[crown_title]OUR OFFERING[/crown_title]

At Brilliant POS we provide our customers with complete POS system solutions nationwide.

 Hardware, software, support, training, warranty, and credit card integration are all of the essential pieces that make up our Point of Sale systems.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff help by walking you through the process from concept to completion. Making it easy for you to choose what POS components really are necessary for your business to be successful.  Whether you have a retail store, restaurant, quick service business, or grocery store we have a powerful, yet simple to learn, POS software available for you.

Our touch screen POS systems at Brilliant POS come with free 24/7 support, and free payment processing integration with most merchant services. We offer a 5 year overnight replacement warranty, one to one training, and plug-n-play pre-configuration. All of our POS hardware is name-brand and brand new. With our top selling POS software you can be assured that we have the best POS system in the market. We would be happy to discuss your various options. Please feel free to browse our website, or call one of our product advisors to help pair you with the right solution for your business. Thanks for choosing Brilliant POS! HQ is located in the Charlotte, NC area, if you’re local, feel free to stop in and check out our showroom!



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POS System from Brilliant POS - Why

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[tab_panel title = “Industries”]
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[panel title = “Retail Point of Sale”]
Liquor Store – The perfect POS system for your liquor store. ID verification and inventory control are a couple important features of this system.
Gift Shop – Offer customer loyalty to keep your customers coming back. Gift cards are free to process and another great way grow your business.
Tobacco Store – The tobacco POS system has the ability to maintain house accounts. Print your own personalized barcodes too.
Boutique – The simple to use boutique POS will keep track of your inventory. And allow employees to clock in/out.
Convenience Store – Keep control of your convenience store. Minimize what employees are allowed to have access to.
Candy Shop – Sell items by weight with our candy store POS system. Or use the touch screen to easily ring up items.
Furniture Store – Manage your inventory with our furniture system. Keep customer records for layaway, with easy access.
Beauty Supply Store – Have access to detailed reporting with our beauty supply POS system. Take advantage of on-house accounts.
Clothing / Apparel – Print your own clothing labels. Use the styles matrix for setting up different sizes and colors.
Jewelry Store – Maintain customer records using our jewelry POS system. With in-depth reporting you’ll have insight into your business.
Fabric Store – Sell bolts by yard with this fabric solution. Keep accurate records of your inventory, so you know exactly what is coming in and going out.
Pet Store – Allow your employees to clock in and out. Limit what they have access, minimizing the amount of theft that could be possible.
Sporting Good – Run reports to see what your top selling items are with our sporting goods POS system. Put re-order levels on items that will need re-stocking.
Wine Shop – Use the touch screen to sell items with our wine solution. Or create your own barcodes to scan for faster transaction time.
Garden Center – Use the customer accounts for discounting certain customers with our garden POS systems.
Hobby Shop – Our user-friendly hobby shop solution makes ringing up items simple. Keep track of sales and employees.
Toy Store – Grow your business with our toy store POS. Process gift cards for free and offer loyalty incentives.
Shoe Store – Use the styles matrix when selling items by size and color with this POS system for shoe stores. Sell gift cards to increase repeat business.
[panel title = “Restaurant POS”]
Dine-In/Table Service – Easily split checks and use table management with our restaurant POS system. See what tables are currently being used.
Bar and Nightclub – Run bar tabs with our nightclub solution. Allow employees to keep track of tips as well as hours and wages.
Pizzeria – Use the caller id box to pull up customer accounts quickly with the restaurant POS system. Maintain customer records for re-orders.
BBQ Restaurant – We can program your menu for you in the software. Just email us the details ahead of time.
Mexican Restaurant – The multi-lingual aspect of our POS program makes gives you the ability to work in Spanish and English.
Delivery – The delivery module is already built in our POS system. Process orders at maximum speed with the easy order entry screen.
Drive-Thru – The drive-thru functionality allows you to process transactions quickly with this program. Get more customers through your line faster.
Chinese Restaurant – This will enable you to use both Chinese and English for entering orders and printing kitchen tickets.
Sushi Restaurant – Use forced modifiers when ringing up orders with our POS system. Extensive reporting is available.
[panel title = “Quick Service Point of Sale Systems”]
Coffee Shop – With our coffee POS systems you’ll be able to process transactions extremely fast and offer customer loyalty programs.
Ice Cream Shop – Use the touch screen ice cream software for easy order entry. Only allow employees limited access for security purposes.
Cafe – Our cafe POS system gives you the ability to customize the buttons on the touch screen. Use colors or pictures for simple order entry.
Fast Food – Process credit card transactions, gift cards, and orders at top speed with our software. Keep your customers happy with shorter lines.
Deli – This deli cash register frees up time by keeping track of what is needed for you. Saving you time and money by getting ride of the pen and paper.
Yogurt Shop – Sell yogurt by weight with our yogurt solution. The scales are integrated and the touch screen makes ringing up a transaction simple.
Cafeteria – This easy to learn POS software will allow you to process credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards. Charge to house accounts if necessary.
Sandwich Shop – The sandwich shop POS system is user-friendly. Train your employees within a few minutes on how to use the front end of the software.
Concession Stand – This quick service touch screen will get customers through the line as fast as possible.
[panel title = “Grocery POS System”]
Grocery – With our grocery POS system we offer integrated scales. You can sell produce by weight fast and efficiently.
Dollar & Discount Store – Keep track of various inventory with this terminal. Run reports to see what items need re-ordering.
Meat Shop – With a new POS for meat markets we have label printing scales. For pre-packaged items requiring a barcode.
Health Food Store – The health food touch system comes equipped with customer loyalty functions and employee maintenance.

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