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POS System solutions are the core product of BrilliantPOS. They provide relief to business operators that need to deliver quality services with quick turnaround time in a professional yet informal environment. These are the guiding principles behind the software design that includes features like touchscreen interface, free payment processing integration, inventory tracking systems and customer loyalty reward programs. Benefits derived are profitability, improved operations and staff management as well as the ability to monitor business performance and employees from a different location.

Such tailor-made POS software requires comprehensive features that provide all the necessary facilities to add value to the business operation. They are used in concession stands, snack bars, bakeries and many other outlets. The following are a few important ones.

Grocery Store POS Software Cash Register Express

Our POS System has been designed to deal with bar code scanners, labels and tags as well as human resource management, customer loyalty reward programs and gift cards. You are able to monitor the movement of stock through tracking inventory that has a high transaction frequency and volumes of inventory. Performance can also be deduced by the various reports that are obtained on different aspects of the business operation.

Retail system

These solutions are customized to suit specific businesses with a focus on small, medium and large scale businesses. The POS system will enhance your ability to remain focused on store and kitchen management while reducing operational costs, incorporating accuracy and efficiency. Staffs are easily managed through the continuous monitoring of man hours worked and wages. Scheduling of labor and clocking in systems provide the necessary reports on staff performance.

Point of Sale System for Restaurants

This software allows you to save time and money by allowing you to track all the requirements for your business. Employees are more comfortable with their jobs and this helps with motivation leading to better performance at work. Speed and efficiency are the hallmark of the POS while decision-making becomes a breeze because of the easy accessibility to information placed in a central location that increases efficiency and eliminates waste.

QuickServe Restaurant Solution

This Point of Sale is easy to use, quick in process, organized in operation and detailed in reporting. It is better than the competition in a number of ways including its ease of use. Placing orders and checking out customers is learnt in less than a minute and the touchscreen interface enhances ease of operation through the simple graphics and options to incorporate images for more clarity regarding items on sale. Decongestion in the queue is another benefit of adopting the use of such a system as transactions are processed in a maximum of 3 seconds for debit, credit or gift cards. This is on affordable solution that beats the competition in various ways and that is why it has remained a market leader within this category.

For all POS system solutions, customer support is readily available and offers live training while ensuing client retention by issuing a warranty that guarantees minimal costs of maintenance in a five year cycle.

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