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The smoking POS allows you to manage, track and control your inventory electronically and in real-time. This Point of Sale solution is suitable for cigar stores, smoke shops and retail stores. It enables you to generate purchase orders by case, pack, carton, distributor or manufacturer and manage buy downs in an automated way. Multiple units of measure can be used to sell and set the sale price. This is a versatile application that can be used in a single shop or chain of stores because of its networking capability.

This system comes with a variety of standard features that include ID Verification with an automatic prompt for age verification that you can override when the requirement is not necessary. It offers a scale interface that allows you to ring up items sold by weight as well as bulk items that are sold at the POS. It includes customized barcode printing for products of any size and can read items lacking a UPC code as well as any other item. Any employee can access the sales history of any customer while it provides a facility for global price changes at the retail including products by brand or vendor. The integrated accounts receivable system allows you to set credit limits for customers with the option to charge at or above the limit.

The point of sale software supports medical marijuana dispensaries and any other type of transaction is possible using the touchscreen interface that comes with every one of our smoking POS registers.

Club memberships are easily tracked and renewed as a result. You can change prices immediately if warranted by the prevailing situation or make a schedule of price changes for any product per vendor eliminating the need for your lounge customers to wait for changes to be effected.

The integrated employee module allows you to schedule working hours for your staff to match the trends when the traffic of customers is fluctuating. This is occasioned by the change in season on time through the day.

The smoking POS system is designed to cater for the needs of your Smoke Shop and before finalizing on the purchase agreement, you are able to consult with our skilled professionals who design the software to include your management preferences. This is then followed by remote training and additional instruction if need arises for walk managers and staff. The optional use of handheld devices is also included.

This guarantees an organized and efficient operation with seamless delivery of services to customers and vendors alike.

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