Coffee Shop Manager POS System

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The Coffee Shop Manager POS system is designed to make your Coffee shop run in a quick efficient manner while ensuring ease of operations. This is the most advanced software on the market and despite being the market leader in innovation; this product developed by BrilliantPOS is also the most affordable. The vendor has an unmatched customer support service that provides live training to your staff over and above the fact that training takes less than a minute. The design takes the end user into consideration availing the latest-state-of–the –art features such as a touchscreen interface and transaction processing which serve the main objective of increasing sales volumes and profitability. You are able to monitor operations from any remote location as long as you have access to the internet by logging on and analyzing any report that you require. Customer loyalty programs are incorporated through the processing of gift cards providing you with the benefit of carrying out sales promotions at any given time all leading to an increase in revenues aided by customer retention.

The operation of this coffee shop manager pos system guarantees quick orders and deliveries with customers details saved in the system allowing for the creation of a database that improves deliveries based on a queuing system. Accurate accounting and financial controls result in more profitability.

There is also a dedicated customer service that will lead you through a live training session with the product specialists and additional support is offered twenty–four hours a day, seven days a week. A five year warranty is provided with overnight replacement of faulty hardware.

This POS System offers various benefits that allow for its versatility and flexibility. Some of them are highlighted below.

Time Clock

The integrated time clock facility in this coffee shop manager pos system allows staff to clock in and out at their respective workstations. This coupled with an i.d. card allows you to indentify each employee eliminating the possibility of one clocking in for the other. This is linked to the payroll processing module and can be corrected by supervisors where the employee has forgotten to clock in.

Multiple Menus

You can configure menus for supper, lunch or breakfast. There is also the option of creating menus for specific menus with the use of a timer enabling you to create schedules in advance that are activated on that particular date and at a specific time.

Comps and Voids

Incidences do occur where there is cancellation of orders or it is necessary to provide a complimentary for a variety of reasons. Mangers are allowed to make these decisions by making use of the module that is provided for this purpose while giving reasons and incorporating such variances in the books of accounts.

Coping with Kitchen Management and Full Orders

Detailed performance reports and order display facilities enhance the efficiency and speed of the kitchen operations. Orders received are relayed to the kitchen through printing or displayed on the monitors for the kitchen staff to take up.

The ultimate objective of this POS software is to improve business performance and increase sales by enhancing the quality of service delivery. This is achieved by a well thought out and designed software.

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